Islington Center Reimagined

Westwood Fire

Westwood, MA

“Dore + Whittier were exceedingly knowledgeable during the assessment, planning and construction phases. They were truly cooperative and skilled during the construction phase while dealing with a difficult General Contractor.”

William Scoble, Westwood Fire Chief (retired)

Leading a Redevelopment

The existing fire station was razed, and a new station with its clock tower anchoring the busy intersection of Washington and School streets was erected in its place. The reconstruction of the fire station lot began the planned redevelopment of Islington Town Center. Each of the seven remaining parcels in the center took cues from the fire station design. Once complete, the eight either new or renovated buildings created a cohesive, reinvigorated Islington Town Center.

On-Site Training

Features are woven seamlessly into the infrastructure of the building to allow firefighters to train within their new space. In addition to spaces for classroom instruction, there are opportunities for physical training, including a mezzanine, confined space, exterior deck, stairwells for both wet and dry training, and windows for exterior and interior ladder training.