Reimagining Boston Fire Services

Boston Engine 42 Fire Station

Roxbury, MA

Firefighter Safety

Boston is a national leader in addressing the long-term carcinogen health effects on firefighters. This station is the first in Boston to be designed to effectively separate working areas from living/administrative areas. By strategically separating these functions, physically, and designing the HVAC system to isolate conditioned air, the facility is a model for future stations.  

Neighborhood Response

This district experiences high call volume so it was important for the city to respond to the needs of the community. This is the first of many stations to be designed and constructed in the coming years to upgrade fire services. Engine 42 is a model for future fire station design in this regard as well.

Site Challenges

The extremely small site is bound by three streets and its geometry provided many design challenges. D+W cleverly designed the site to allow equipment to properly turn on the apparatus bay apron, provide personnel vehicle parking, and create outdoor space for training.