Maynard Central Fire Station

Maynard, MA

Improving Services

Replacing the existing outdated Central Fire Station with a new building on a new site allows for expanded service to the town. D+W studied numerous site options, including at the existing station and town hall, in the 5 years leading up to the successful town votes in support of the new station. The new facility provides necessary apparatus bay space, administration/living space, training opportunities, and meeting space to help foster community interaction.

Healthy Station

The existing Maynard fire Station lacked appropriate separation between the fire apparatus area and the living space. Creating a clear separation between these areas keeps the carcinogens that return to the station on the trucks and gear away from the living space of the fire fighters. The Station is designed with levels of separation between the main apparatus bay, the decontamination zone for gear, and then the living space.

Connection To A Walkable Downtown

For Maynard, the importance of a walkable downtown is visible in its town master plan. While moving the Fire Station from its in-town location to Sudbury Street on the edge of the town center, the need to maintain a connection to the downtown was important. Extending sidewalks and creating a landing spot outside the fire station for gathering were made part of the design plan.