Dedham Senior Center

Dedham, MA

New Opportunities For Dedham Seniors

In 2007, D+W conducted a Feasibility Study for a new Dedham Senior Center. A Space Needs Analysis concluded that an approximate area of 20,000 square feet was required to meet the space and program needs of the proposed Senior Center. The program and space study were based on a stand-alone facility adjacent to and independent from the Dexter School.

Years later, the Dedham Council on Aging asked D+W to conduct a Feasibility Study and review the use of the existing barn (c. 1904) at the historic Endicott Estate site for the new Senior Center. The proposed utilization of the Endicott site assumed re-use and expansion of the barn for the Senior Center, and use of the Endicott House, on occasion, for large functions, dinners, and craft fairs. The Endicott branch of the public library and the gardens and grounds of the Endicott Estate would also be available.

Ultimately, the Town opted to co-locate the Council on Aging and Town Offices in a renovated, historic schoolhouse building as part of a municipal campus center project.