Tradition Meets Modern Systems

West Parish Elementary School

Gloucester, MA

A Balanced Approach

The space planning and design solution developed at the West Parish School balances traditional concepts of educational spaces with modern building systems and challenging site conditions. The team creatively designed for the wetlands, a perennial stream, steep slopes, and a single access point which limited the buildable area. 

Honoring A Rich Heritage

Architectural elements from Gloucester’s rich heritage as an historic seaport serve as daily teaching tools. A mural depicting Gloucester as a maritime community greets students in the main lobby. Exposed timber-framing evokes a sense of being in a large, wooden ship. Positioning of exterior windows puts the natural environment on display as a learning experience.

Educational Creativity

Naturally lit, age-appropriate classroom space sparks joy in the students and staff. And the teaching area is designed to expand into the limited circulation space by creating small group collaboration nooks.