October 31, 2017


The existing Scituate Police Station was built in 1959. While structurally sound, it no longer functioned as needed for a modern department. Its deficiencies included inadequate workspaces, security for personnel and records, and confidential interview rooms; it also lacked storage space, decontamination facilities, safe prisoner control and movement, central air conditioning and sprinklers. Heating and electrical systems were severely compromised.

Fire Station No. 4, also built in 1959, was little more than a garage and was also afflicted with poor heating and ventilation systems.

The Town approved funding for the preferred option of a new 27,960sf Public Safety Complex that features joint dispatching, several common spaces, appropriate separation of public and secured areas and space for expansion. This coastal town, which has frequently been the victim of damaging and dangerous storms, for the first time has a designated Emergency Operations Center within its public safety facilities.

Constructed on part of what is known as the Ellis Estate a mile north of the existing facilities, the new site features artful landscaping and vegetation around a new rain garden and two gravel wetlands that form the site’s creative stormwater management system.