July 25, 2017


Aging and deficient police and fire buildings prompted the City’s Public Safety Committee to seek an architect to conduct a feasibility study and develop practical options for its facilities, including the consideration of a new combined police station and fire headquarters.  Dore & Whittier, recognized by the Committee as a specialist in the industry, was selected for the task.

Fresh on the minds of the Committee members was D&W’s most recent work in Medfield and Scituate.  The new public safety facilities, long anticipated, have been well received by their departments and communities.  Melrose, like Medfield, has an historic downtown; as exemplified by the design of the Medfield Public Safety Building, which was influenced by the Town Hall, (ca 1923), Dore & Whittier’s public projects exhibit a sensitivity to context, responsive to the local vernacular and the municipality’s design objectives.

The Study is underway with an end of year target date for the Committee’s selection of a preferred option to pursue and a possible November 2018 construction funding authorization.