Dore & Whittier was established in 1992 to provide superior client-focused service on public and private design and construction projects. In 20 years, we have built a company of 60 people with specialized skills offering clients the highest level of expert knowledge and innovation in project delivery. Our disciplined and collaborative process is the foundation of Dore & Whittier’s success.

Dore & Whittier Management Partners specializes in the planning, guidance and support of major building programs as the Owner’s Project Manager (OPM). Our teams consist of professional Architects, Planners, Project Managers and Construction Professionals carefully selected for each phase of the job for their expert knowledge. This blending of experience assures the very best talent and superior service for our clients and the communities where we work.

We have a reputation for innovative and effective project delivery and a commitment to service excellence, one of the primary reasons we have a growing list of clients.

Effective collaboration, communication and management systems are fundamental to our proven, project delivery approach.


Successful building projects demand a collaborative approach in which the Owner, OPM, Architect and the Builder work as a team throughout the construction process. The key to any team approach is to have the leadership in place to set the course for everyone to follow; this is D&W’s vital role.


As the Owner’s Project Manager, we maintain clear and effective communication with the entire team. Our communication and reporting with the Owner, stakeholders (school and city/town administrators, department heads, school boards, students and committees), and community groups is consistent, timely and informative.


Ultimately, success will be measured by the team’s performance related to meeting the budget, schedule, and quality level defined at the start of the project. We have found that, to help stay on target, it is critical that Owners have access to relevant and current information in order to make prudent decisions along the way. Our management tools are designed for reporting transparency; information is captured and organized to clearly portray current status and our systems enable us to document, track, and monitor progress against the initial plans, from feasibility to final occupancy. These proven systems also provide information that enables us to predict the project outcome.